Qualcomm: in the process of making three generations of 5g chip products, there are more than 230 5g

Release Time:2019-11-11 17:01:53

On November 10, according to China financial information network, at the second China International Import Expo, Qualcomm said that it is currently making three generations of 5g chip products, and more than 230 5g terminals are being designed and developed based on Qualcomm's scheme.

At the same time, Qualcomm has demonstrated many 5g intelligent terminals and 5g cutting-edge technologies in the booth. Qualcomm said that it is actively accelerating 5g commercial use. At present, more than 230 5g terminals adopting Qualcomm 5g solutions are being designed and developed.

It is reported that Qualcomm said that 5g commercial smartphones, including Lenovo, Nubia, Yijia, oppo, vivo, China Mobile and other brands, were displayed on site. In order to better support the 5g development process, Qualcomm announced in September that it would accelerate the 5g business process on a large scale through the 5g mobile platform product portfolio across 8 series, 7 series and 6 series of snapdragon.

At the exhibition, Qualcomm also exhibited more than 10 5g modules jointly created by Qualcomm and its Chinese partners. Meng Pu, chairman of China, also said: "the six-day exhibition fully confirmed the momentum and trend of 5g's rapid development in China. With the open cooperation platform of China International Fair, through in-depth exchanges with partners in the industry, we have more clear product strategies and plans, which is very helpful for us to work together with ecological partners to accelerate the development and deployment of 5g in China and even in the world. "
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