Japan's passive components plant pushes small size MLCC plant to embrace opportunities, but there ar

Release Time:2019-11-11 17:00:31

Japan's passive component factory has turned to the small-scale MLCC of 0201 specification, gradually quitting the application of conventional MLCC of 0402 and 0603 specification, and Taiwan factory has also ushered in business opportunities. However, according to the analysis of the industry, in the long run, 0201 has the advantages of small size and low price, which will be the future trend. With the continuous increase of product import proportion, it will be a new challenge for Taiwan factory.

At present, the trend of electronic industry is toward high frequency and high speed, and the design of circuit board is more complex, but it also needs small size, which can be called "land and money". MLCC with small size of 0201 will become the future trend.

It is reported that about 30% of pen and mobile phone product designs have been introduced into 0201's small-scale capacitor design. From the perspective of manufacturers, Japanese leading manufacturers are most active in promoting the design. The starting point is that small size helps to reduce costs. From the perspective of the development progress of small-scale MLCC of various countries in the market, Japanese manufacturers maintain the leading edge, while Korean manufacturers are closely behind, while Taiwan manufacturers attach great importance to it Heart is still in 0402, 0603 and other conventional products.

At present, due to the high technical difficulty of small size, and the production scale has not been significantly increased, the cost advantage of 0201 is not as expected.

In addition, although the design of small-scale MLCC has been introduced into pen and computer products in succession, the efficiency of 0201 is not better than that of the conventional 0402, and now the main supply is only the Japanese leading factory. If the supply is not smooth, it may affect the product delivery.

Therefore, when designing the product circuit board, the brand factory will not generally adopt the MLCC with small size 0201, or keep the space to use 0402. In addition, the Japanese manufacturers withdraw from the conventional application, which also strengthens the position of the Taiwan factory in the conventional market.

However, with the technology of 0201 becoming more and more mature, the production scale of Japanese factories has been enlarged, and the yield of Korean factories has been continuously improved. In the long run, the price of 0201 is bound to go down, and the downstream acceptance will also be greatly improved. How to deal with the passive component manufacturers in Taiwan will be the next task.
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