Three key points for electronic manufacturers to choose agents for electronic components

Release Time:2019-11-11 16:57:12

Electronic component agents are always indispensable and important partners for many large electronic factories, which are responsible for providing high-quality products for electronic manufacturers. However, in recent years, due to the increase in the number of service providers engaged in electronic components agency, many electronic product manufacturers with scale are also more picky when choosing partners. So for the rapid development of electronic manufacturers, what are the key points in selecting electronic component agents?

1. Number of authorized products:

At present, the demand of electronic components market is very strong, and the products of many first-line manufacturers are in short supply. Therefore, these first-class electronic components manufacturers are very cautious in selecting agents, and many agents with good reputation and good quality cannot obtain the agency authorization of large manufacturers. Therefore, when choosing cooperative agents, electronic manufacturers will take the number of authorized products obtained by electronic component agents as an important selection standard;

2. Quality of original goods:

The original electronic components from the first-line large factories are not only more stable in quality, but also bring a lot of electronic products with higher performance. Therefore, many electronic product manufacturers who want to show their strength in the market will have higher requirements on the original quality of the electronic component agents. Generally, the electronic component agents who can directly supply the original products are more welcome by the manufacturers;

3. Goods reserve capacity of the agent:

Electronic products manufacturers often receive some sudden large orders. At this time, they often have a higher demand for electronic components than the original level. However, many electronic component agents are unable to meet the rapidly increasing demand of manufacturers due to the lack of goods reserve. Therefore, for electronic manufacturers, electronic component agents with sufficient product reserve capacity and favorable comments are also preferred partners.

The long-term stable electronic component agents play a positive role in the development of electronic product manufacturers, which is also the reason why many electronic product manufacturers are very cautious in choosing partners. Generally, when choosing a cooperative electronic component agent, the electronic manufacturer will pay more attention to the quantity of authorized products and the quality of original products, as well as the ability of the agent in product storage.
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